The London and North Eastern Railway Class P2 was a class of 2-8-2 steam locomotives designed by LNER’s chief mechanical engineer, Sir Nigel Gresley, to haul express trains over the difficult Edinburgh to Aberdeen Line. Design planning begin in 1932 and the the first locomotive of the class, No. 2001 Cock o’ the North, was completed in 1934 built by Doncaster Works. This prototype P2 had unique features such as the Lentz rotary-cam actuated poppet valve gear and double-chimney Kylchap exhaust. Six class P2 locomotives were built from 1934 to 1936 and given names from Scottish lore. The five following Cock o’ the North featured conventional Walchaerts valve gear.


The P2s were the only eight coupled express steam locomotives designed for use in the UK. Cock o’ the North was tested with a 19 bogie carriage train, running at an average speed of over 50 mph, with peak speeds of over 70 mph. After 10,000 miles of service, point damage on the variable cams of No. 2001 led to cam damage. By 1939, the rotary-cam poppet-valve valvegear was replaced with Walschaerts gear.


Aster Hobby is proud to bring the legendary P2 Class No. 2001 Cock ‘o the North to the Gauge 1 hobby in 2023. This fine scale model will feature 3 cylinders and inside Walschaerts with a simulated Lentz poppet valve outside the frame. The majority of this limited production will be based in Japan with Aster’s top of the line vendors and suppliers.


Delivery is scheduled for Spring 2024.   Please call or email us to reserve yours.   No deposit is required at the time of ordering.   



    • Scale/Gauge - 1:32 Scale / 45 mm Gauge

    • Length - 714.8mm (Engine 434.9mm + Tender 230mm)

    • Width - 85.8mm

    • Height - 124.5mm

    • Weight - 4.6kg (Dry)

    • Wheel Arrangement - 2-8-2 Mikado, (1 D 1) Stainless wheels

    • Driving Wheel - 57.4mm 

    • Pilot and Trailing Truck Wheels - 30mm/35mm Stainless wheels

    • Tender Truck Wheels - 36mm Stainless wheels

    • Cylinder - 3 Cylinders with piston valves, Bore D12mm x Stroke 20mm, with drain valve

    • Valve Gear - Walchaert

    • Boiler Type - C-Type with 1 x D10, 2 x D12 flue tubes

    • Water Capacity - 280cc at 80% full

    • Axle Driven Pump - Bore 5mm x Ram Stroke 5mm

    • Boiler Fittings - Two safety valves, Water gauge, Pressure gauge, Regular/Blower valve, By-pass valve, Blow down valve, Superheater, Whistle valve, Drain cocks

    • Lubricator - Roscoe displacment type

    • Tender - Hand pump (D11mm x Stroke 15mm)

    • Fuel - Methylated alcohol

    • Fuel Capacity - Alcohol tank 240mm at 80% full

    • Minimum Radius - 2M (6.5ft)

  • Models

    • AST-058K  LNER Class P2, Cock O' the North, KIT

    • AST-058R  LNER Class P2, Cock O' the North, RTR

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LNER ClassP2, Cock O' the North

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